Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Solfege Moveable Do - Alteration Noteheads have wrong labels active 3.6 1 한 달
MuseScore randomly jumps to beginning of score. active 3.6 8 9개월
Request for automatic handling of playback of unisons to avoid acoustic artifacts active 3.6 4 1년
After an 'sf' dynamic, subsequent 'p' dynamic is ignored in Presto piece. active 3.6 3 1년
Score crashes regularly after transposing active 3.6 0 3개월
see attachment needs info 3.6 2 2년
MusicXML's justify parameter is not respected active 3.6 1 4개월
Repeats are not working. needs info 3.6 2 11개월
MuseScore 3.6.0 AppImage in Ubuntu Studio 18.04 with KXStudio is very slow to open and does respond with enormous delays (like 30 seconds or so) active 3.6 96 1년
Unable to save and reopen tuplets correctly needs info 3.6 2 1년
Stemless grace note too close to parent note? active 3.6 0 1년
MIDI keyboard input not working needs info 3.6 2 1년
Musescore audio device not working for remote teaching active 3.6 2 2년
crashes! I can't use it anymore! SO Windows 10 home needs info 3.6 18 1년
MuseScore has emptied/corrupted this file needs info 3.6 12 2개월
Accordion notation issues needs info 3.6 2 2년
Chord symbols don't transpose when transposing a diminished second or augmented seventh. active 3.6 2 4개월
my musescore 3.6 crash on every mscz file if musescore already opened needs info 3.6 2 1년
Fret number misalignments on opening a MusicXML file and then adding a linked tablature staff active 3.6 1 9개월
Never an update needs info 3.6 1 한 달
Changing color of tie and slur at the same time crashes the program active 3.6 2 1년
Corruption/crash after repeating a 256th note or smaller active 3.6 4 1년
Request to synchronize note playback properties by default once it becomes possible to unlink them on command active 3.6 30 1년
Timeline view zoom controls active 3.6 0 2년
[Musicxml Export] - Incorrect hairpin ending placement active 3.6 2 4개월