Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
[Feature request] - System hairpins active 3.6 6 1년
The selection is lost when changing the length of the rest of an empty measure active 3.6 10 2개월
Irregular spacing in beamed 8th notes active 3.6 2 1년
Unsaveable lines thickness in small staves active 3.6 3 11개월
Page Up/Down not working correctly when page break present active 3.6 1 1년
[ website] cannot change my eMail address active 3.6 0 1년
Double click in Add soundfont/sfz list should equal Load command active P3 - Low 3.6 0 1년
Lines on last measure are corrupted after file re-open if they span to last note but don't start at the 1st active 3.6 4 7개월
[Feature request] - Connect notes in metronome mark active 3.6 0 1년
Viewable area shifts when working in last measure of a line active 3.6 2 5개월
Right-aligned text in Edwin isn't aligned, depending on kerning active 3.6 6 1년
Fretboard Diagram - Inspector: top cut off for Frets number greater than 9 active 3.6 1 1년
Figured Bass deleted after writing on upper voices active 3.6 1 1년
No sound or playback. Problems with adding notes. needs info 3.6 4 1년
Musescore Connecting active 3.6 1 6개월
Copy and Paste bug needs info 3.6 1 1년
position of fingering on voice #2 not easy to read active 3.6 1 5개월
RH fingering: uneven alignment in certain cases involving beams active 3.6 6 1년
Export and printing to PDF do not open finder dialog from MacOS 12.0.1 active 3.6 0 10개월
distorted sound needs info 3.6 3 1년
When system starts with a small-sized staff, the text-line thickness is wrong in staves below active 3.6 0 1년
Opening a palette tab moves the whole palette up active 3.6 1 1년
Allow look-ahead while panning vertically during playback active P2 - Medium 3.6 9 2개월
Euphonium does not have native sound/playback active 3.6 3 11개월
Expose element links (score<->parts) to plugin API active 3.6 0 4개월