Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
[capella import] Destroys Fingering needs info 9 2년
Request for different default for transpose feature active 4 3년
Error in playback of voltas with clef changes or dynamics active 11 2년
Add operating system information to bug report template active 1 9년
Invalid strings for "Jump to", "Play Until", and "Continue at" should report error and/or displayed Red active 0 7년
Measure Text active 1 7년
Slash fill in percussion staves, voices 3 and 4 active 0 7년
[MIDI] End barline doesn't appear active 1 9년
Screen reader should say if a checkbox is checked or not active 0 7년
I'm a: .... more options pls needs info 3 6개월
Why is each Nightly version different of transform value? when exporting a svg file active 2 9년
Command realtime-advance not valid in current state active 9 1년
Soundfont deletable without selecting it active 1 9년
broken permalinks for long threads active 0 3년
Adding piano moves other akkolade brackets active 0 10년
Offset field not editable after resetting to default when multiple elements are selected active 2 8년
Backward compatibility for scores to fix previous bar count bug involving anacrusis active 2 11년
Beam doesn't break after pasting active 5 9년
Duplicating of elements with Ctrl + Shift + drag onto a score active 8 6년
Deleting a single/list selection doesn't actually clear it active 0 8년
Open files with missing extension active 6 2년
Uneven spacing between drum clef and rest active 2 8년
Cannot right-click disabled toolbar active 2 2년
1st & 2nd line endings can't proceed to new staff when dragging line with mouse active 3 11년
Importing MusicXML does not assign instrument ranges from instruments.xml active 9 2년