Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Clicking My templates tab crashes MS4 active 4.0 0 4개월
Unformatted whitespace is ignored when placed between formatted words in a text box active 4.0 0 3개월
My Arturia Keystep Can't be selected as MIDI Input but Output works active 4.0 5 4개월
Can't add to Tempo palette from Master Palette active 4.0 6 4개월
MS plays constant note during playback with vst instrument active 4.0 7 2개월
D chords not recognized needs info 4.0 2 4개월
64 bit version 4 not running on windows 10 build version 22h2 build19045.2364 active 4.0 9 3개월
Violin Solo MuseSound playback is messed up needs info 4.0 17 3개월
Audio Output does not change when program is open GitHub issue 4.0 1 3개월
crackling sound between b and c on soprano needs info 4.0 1 4개월
Use of MIDI keyboard in Ubuntu active 4.0 5 4개월
Four issues using 4.01with One file needs info 4.0 3 3개월
Tie is not aligned correctly when using rythmic slash notation whole notes GitHub issue 4.0 4 4개월
Startprobleme bei Soundeinstellung 16 Bit, 48000 Hz active 4.0 2 3개월
Making Chords M7 GitHub issue 4.0 9 2개월
MS4 crashes while editing a volta needs info 4.0 1 4개월
Reaper compatibility Issue active 4.0 11 4일
MuseScore Keeps Crashing When I Try to Export a WAV active 4.0 2 한 달
Accidental spacing disparity GitHub issue 4.0 3 4개월
REALLY, Really need the Conductor count in. active 4.0 1 3개월
Musescore 4 Closes Alone needs info 4.0 4 3개월
Windowed Resizing is Limited active 4.0 3 2개월
MuseScore 4 crashes when trying to export a PNG of a part score but not the Main score active 4.0 3 3개월
Incorrect pitch and tempo reproduction (sound device issue) active 4.0 1 4개월
cant sustain rolled rolled chords that are tied active 4.0 1 4개월