Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Login should stay in website domain; not working with strict privacy settings needs info 7 8년
Percussion: stem direction of note does not obey "Edit Drumset" settings if entered via virtual piano or MIDI keyboard active 7 3년
Changes to Repeats On/Off aren't reflected in scroll bar of Play Panel active 0 10년
Progress bar while exporting files active 9 10년
Request for new "swap strings" feature in tab active 12 8년
Request for flexible search mode switcher for certain region users. active 12 2년
Software doesn't open when clicked. active 4 8년
Using auto-tie to add notes to chord tied across barline via replaces rather than adds active 28 4년
Allow templates to be full scores active 4 5년
Problem with playback velocity with dynamics and hairpins active 11 8년
the special symbols $m/$M/$d/$D ignoring the settings of the regional format in ubuntu 16.04 LTS active 6 6개월
Customizeable default position for palette custom symbols active 0 10년
Add ability for stemless notes in drum sets active 5 9년
MuseScore Online File Plays An Extra Count-in Beat (Hidden Note)? needs info 0 4년
Bracket color insconsistant between Continuous and Page view active 0 10년
Allow [Shift] + MIDI Note Input to add note to ChordRest of current selection active 12 2년
add "Instrument techniques" to "create" menu and palletes active 2 10년
"Online community" not translatable in Start Center needs info 6 3년
[Trunk] Piano Keyboard sounds voice active 4 4년
Convert some windows to QDockWidget active 0 7년
Lyric margins and spacing not well-preseved importing 1.3 score active 5 8년
Rules to delete rests active 2 7년
Drumset included in octave change active 5 9년
Palettes panel/window gets excessive minimum width, if a workspace with a long name exists on startup active 0 8년
Notes too close when crossing staves active P2 - Medium 5 4년