Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
Dialogues forgot size and position active 1 7년
Tremolo channel not exported to audio active 1 7년
"Export Parts" should convert the filename as per the same rules as the new score wizard active 1 7년
Instrument Sound changes every time another score is opened active 4 7년
Chord symbols won't overlap barline active 11 7년
onTimeOffset moving a note start before the beginning of the score causes corruption during MIDI export active 2 7년
Bookmarked directory in file dialog are not restored active 0 7년
Add menu item : Create -> Image from file active 3 7년
Continuous view is interrupted by frames active 6 7년
just checking measure properties marks score dirty active 1 7년
Uneven spacing between drum clef and rest active 2 7년
The navigator and the "display position" are not updated when deleting all measures active 0 7년
Vertical position of fermata is different on note and rest active 1 7년
Edit and add notes in pianoroll. active 5 7년
Offset field not editable after resetting to default when multiple elements are selected active 2 7년
midi playback issue (chorus/reverb) still happens in Musescore 2.0 beta needs info 7 7년
Non-ASCII characters in style name not handled correctly active 7 7년
Slides, Hammerons and Pulloffs not marked in tab active 1 7년
The continuous panel flashes a few times when it's first displayed active 1 7년
[MusicXML] Ungraceful handling of a tie when next note is not the same pitch active 2 7년
Cannot enter unison notes via mouse active 0 7년
Add text to arpeggio bracket active 1 7년
Dotted line at end of first segment of continued line goes to bad location if endpoint is on different page active 1 7년
Fret marks in linked staff not centre-aligned to noteheads until saving, closing and re-opening active 5 7년
Standard stave layout of adjacent notes mirrored in tablature active 1 7년