Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort descending
MuseScore violating the Free System Distribution guidelines? active 2.1 9 6년
Add "Frame" Handbook page to online help for frame (vbox or hbox) active 2.1 8 6년
Measure number at beginning of system should stay within margins active 2.1 0 6년
Add boomwhacker instrument active 2.1 6 6년
disable automatic shifting of display active 2.1 1 6년
inconsistent behavior when entering rests active 2.1 1 6년
use relative hypertext links in manual active 2.1 2 6년
Ability to search menus and palettes for a given element active 3.0 3 6년
Play back mordents on notes shorter than eighth active 2.1 1 6년
Allow horizontal scroll bar in windows' sidebars, including Style dialogs and Master Palette active 2.1 14 6년
IME switch and naturally crescendo active 2.1 0 6년
Option for last bar to automatically adjust duration to account for pickup active 2.1 13 6년
Musescore for Windows tablets active 3.0 13 6년
Command line MIDI convert creates a corrupt file, but GUI works active 2.1 2 6년
Text styles, General style and all master/slave dialogs category highlight is faint active 2.1 5 6년
Status bar with tied notes (sort of a bug) active 2.1 0 6년
Tablature: Problem entering voice 2 from keyboard when there are shared fretmarks active 2.1 1 6년
Add glyphs for Neutral-Sharp and Neutral-Flat to Gonville active 3.0 2 6년
Add "French Horn" instrument active 2.1 6 6년
Improper tuplet beaming active 2.1 4 6년
Add "remove settings/preferences" checkbox in uninstall wizard active 2.1 8 6년
Double clicking a marcato accent misplaces it, when changed from default. active 2.1 0 6년
Minus sign artefact in horizontal offset of LH guitar fingering active 2.1 0 6년
Edit mode on notehead should be indicated more clearly active 3.0 3 6년
Naming of Documents Side by Side/Stacked active 2.1 3 6년