Issues for MuseScore

Title Sort descending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Restore sortable shortcuts in Drum input palette active 3.0 1 3년
Rests added in MIDI file active 2.1 0 6년
Rests between beamed notes don't relocate active 1 10년
Rests Between Beams Is Causing Beam Malfunctions needs info 3.6 15 1년
Rests can be moved to the left of the barline active P2 - Medium 3.2 1 3년
Rests grouped incorrectly after adding 256th note or smaller active 3.6 4 1년
Rests in voice 4 rhythmic slash notation not positioned well active 0 6년
Rests input and modification active 4 7년
Rests interfere with re-pitching active 3.4 7 4개월
Rests not rewritten when pasting into new time signature active 1 8년
Rests under a beam: beam should retain slope, rests should be moved to fit active 2.1 7 6년
Resume download in MuseHub Linux active 4.x-dev 2 4개월
Retain crossheads in rhythmic slash notation active 2.1 6 4년
Retuning Two-note tremolos active 3.6 1 6개월
Return the session crash needs info 3.0 4 3년
Revise append/insert measures UX in the measure context menu active P2 - Medium 3.1 9 1년
Rewind (left arrow) while playing has no effect in fast passage active 4 1년
rewrite musescore with web technologies active 0 3년
RFE: Save as and Save a copy should use same path as original needs info 3.0 1 4년
RH fingering: uneven alignment in certain cases involving beams active 3.6 6 1년
Rhythm mode improvement (closer to Finale's speedy entry) active 3.5 7 2년
Rhythm values - choosing needs info 3.6 2 한 달
rhythmic link needs info 2 2년
Right Click context menu for ScoreTab to add & delete parts active 3.0 15 5년
Right click menu for insertion of header tags active 3.2 0 3년