Issues for MuseScore

Title Sort descending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Uneven spacing between drum clef and rest active 2 8년
Unexpected and unwanted change of location of the "Close" function in the File menu active 3.6 4 1년
unexpected installing error needs info 3.4 1 2년
Unexpected loud sound when opening play panel during playback using MDL soundfont active 3.6 1 1년
Unexpected moving musescore window - periodically every minute active 4.x-dev 1 7개월
Unexpected result when entering augmentation dot with full measure rest selected active 3.6 1 1년
Unexpected variation of "Chord Symbol" style property values active 3.2 2 2년
Unexpected visible/invisible ledger lines depending on visible/invisible notes active 3.0 27 5개월
Unexpectedly quits when changing time signatures needs info 3.4 2 2년
Unhiding empty bars active 3.6 1 1년
Unicode surrogate-pair text cutting and pasting and undoing produces corruption active 3.0 31 2년
unicodeNote* glyphs missing in Emmentaler active 2 7년
Unify plus and minus signs in MuseJazz Text font. active 3.0 0 3년
Unify text style offset with element style position above/below active P2 - Medium 3.4 1 2년
Uninitialized variable in Voice::update_param() active 0 4년
unintended swing rhythm in eighth note pattern needs info 3.6 2 2개월
Unintuitive plugin window Color in dark mode active 3.0 13 3년
Unison symbol active 6 10년
Unknown units for x/y/sx/sy in spos/mpos files active 3.5 17 2년
Unmarked time signature changes? needs info 3.2 3 3년
Unnecessary MIDI note on message at playback in MIDI output active 2.1 6 5년
Unnecessary space allocated to C major key signature at start of system after key change, active P1 - High 3.0 5 3년
Unnecessary time signatures not removed after Undo active 2 2년
unplug headphones plug in mixer from headphone jack disables audio and score active 3.6 1 1년
Unremovable Key Signatures needs info 3.0 2 3년