Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Next System Shortcut PR created 3.2 10 2 years
Incorrect handling between time signatures and BPM active 3.x-dev 10 3 years
Eats up all CPU while mixer is open and instrument change is expanded active 3.0 10 1 year
Ability to set articulated (e.g. staccato) playback without using the equivalent notation active 10 1 year
Mid-measure clef changes do break multimeasure rests, but don't show the changed clef active 3.0 10 2 months
Ties need to break at key and time signatures active 3.0 10 1 year
Except staff lines from antialiazing active 10 8 years
When beam crosses barline, the stem is next to a dense chord (of seconds or less) instead of in the center active P1 - High 3.2 10 2 years
[MusicXML] Partial slash chord active 10 7 years
Can not change hairpin end beat with mouse active 10 6 years
Export/Import Settings active 3.0 10 1 year
Add default shortcuts for intervals below active P2 - Medium 10 1 year
"Staff/Part Properties" window always maximized active 3.5 10 1 year
[Accessibility] Indicates the direction of the notes stems active 3.5 10 1 year
Metric modulations AKA relative tempos don't set tempo right active P2 - Medium 3.0 10 3 months
Crashes on opening application on Mac with VPN or proxy with Startcenter active 3.6 10 5 months
The text style for even lyric lines is not saved active P1 - High 3.0 10 9 months
Go-to in Measure Properties active 10 8 years
while dragging a full measure rest, it gets displayed to far to the left active 3.0 10 4 years
Synth window: Save to/Load from Score and Set as/Load Default does not save metronome volume. active 3.0 10 2 years
Creating instrumentlist by used soundfont active 10 3 years
Add instrument groupings and auto-sorting to the add instruments dialogue active 2.1 10 5 years
Palettes window blank except for "Add Palette" button and Search field active 3.4 10 1 year
Wrong error message when using 'copy' on a selection in a local time signature active 3.5 10 1 year
Editing text line causes inspector to jump if Inspector requires horizontal scrollbars active 3.5 10 1 year