Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort ascending Last updated
Instrument change uses sound of original entry for all, except last active 1 7 years
MIDI Title and Composer name not imported to Score Properties active 3.6 1 8 months
Suggestion: allow for custom shortcut for lines/slurs and their editing nodes active 3.2 1 2 years
Eternal Upload active 3.2 1 2 years
Request for option to prevent text crossing barlines active 3.x-dev 1 2 years
Static and distortion active 3.6 1 6 months
Default saving directory active 3.2 1 2 years
Pedal line error: 1.cannot cross tuplets; 2.pedal activated without the pedal line active 1 7 years
Lines: if a system break is applied, UNDO does not restore the lines correctly active 3.3 1 2 years
MuseScore local symbols (ornament*) missing in master symbols palette active 1 7 years
Option to show/hide courtesy displayed for courtesy time signature after edit active 1 7 years
Lines over empty measures overlap with multimeasure rests active 1 6 years
Palettes: Difficult To Distinguish Disabled Search Box From Enabled Search Box active P3 - Low 3.3 1 2 years
MIDI input doesn't always recognize chords needs info 1 3 years
"Hide empty staves" doesn't take effect after horizontal frame active 3.4 1 2 years
[MusicXML Export] invalid MusicXML for prallprall line active 1 6 years
Unify text style offset with element style position above/below active P2 - Medium 3.4 1 2 years
Plugins cannot really substitute underlying chord/rests active P2 - Medium 1 2 years
Drawing a slur makes the slur partially invisible needs info 3.0 1 4 years
When pasting tempo text a question mark is displayed active 3.4 1 2 years
French horn part in my score not displaying correctly. needs info 2.3 1 3 years
Crash when adding notes via Piano Roll Editor in multimeasure rest active 3.x-dev 1 1 year
Allow for extra activities (flip direction/delete) while placing certain elements (hairpins/slurs) active 3.4 1 2 years
Input problems across a barline active 3.4 1 2 years
note input a bit messed up needs info 3.0 1 3 years