Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort ascending Last updated
Problem with playback velocity with dynamics and hairpins active 11 7 jaren
Show string tuning after TAB clef active 3.0 11 1 jaar
Voltas collide with elements above the staff if top staff is hidden (due to being empty) active 3.0 11 11 maanden
Mid score key sig change causes all saves to become unusable, no error message, MS3 hangs. needs info P0 - Critical 3.0 11 3 jaren
Playback controls do not function on new Musescore download needs info 3.4 11 2 jaren
Chord symbols won't overlap barline active 11 7 jaren
Incorrect playback of arpeggio with tied notes active P2 - Medium 11 1 maand
Request 128th tremolo active 3.0 11 1 jaar
soundfont loading is very inefficient active 3.6 10 1 jaar
Mac: "Score Properties" Option Missing: Requires Language Change (and Change Back) to Appear active 3.6 10 4 maanden
Only Pizzicato Channel Works on String! (No Arco or Tremolo!) needs info 3.4 10 2 jaren
Note Groups UI increase Mouse Click region size for each note PR created 2.1 10 3 jaren
Cannot delete only instrument/staff active P3 - Low 3.0 10 1 jaar
Disable Note Input if there's no bars active 2.1 10 5 jaren
Demo Score BWV565 has html footer active 10 9 jaren
Adjacent notes appear on the same side of stem when adding another active 10 7 jaren
Allow centering symbols in measures and on notes active 3.0 10 3 jaren
Cross-staff notes ignore accidentals active P2 - Medium 10 2 jaren
"Hide instrument name if there is only 1 instrument" doesn't work if there is only one visible instrument but others exist active 10 1 maand
automatically avoid collision between volta number with Chord Symbols active 2.2 10 5 jaren
Undo of chord symbol edit does not affect playback immediately active 3.5 10 1 jaar
MusicXML file with multiple instruments at the same time in one part does not import correctly into MuseScore active 10 2 jaren
Next System Shortcut PR created 3.2 10 2 jaren
'End' and 'page down' commands do not work for score ending in mmrest active 10 3 jaren
Editable roll active 10 2 jaren