Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Lines/Pedal marks/Trill lines error with Inspector options when first applied active 2.1 0 5 jaren
Over tooltip in piano roll keyword does not match written notation when using trasposition instruments active 3.3 0 2 jaren
Audio crackle when audio starts or stops active 3.3 0 2 jaren
SFZ: Channels of the Instruments in the Mixer and Change Instrument Text active 3.3 0 2 jaren
Coloured elements added to pallet do not retain colour when used in score active 3.4 0 2 jaren
Splitting a treble staff does not create a true bass staff active 3.4 0 2 jaren
Cresc. marking resulting in immediate increase in volume active 3.4 0 2 jaren
Intervallic transposition by diminished seconds doesn't affect key signatures or chord symbols active 2.2 0 4 jaren
An appoggiatura followed by a trill shold not be missinterpreted as an acciaccatura. active 0 4 jaren
Setting for placing beams between notes (zig-zag) inside the inspector active 3.0 0 4 jaren
Include writable part names for Staves from the plug-in interface active 0 12 jaren
Cautionary key signature on jump active 0 11 jaren
[Feedback form] Time signatures are not displayed needs info P0 - Critical 3.0 0 3 jaren
Match names of Note Heads in palette and Inspector active 0 10 jaren
Merge Plugins submenu entries into Tools active 3.0 0 3 jaren
Operating System active 0 10 jaren
Navigator x close button active 0 9 jaren
Merging stems and tails active 0 9 jaren
Customizeable default position for palette custom symbols active 0 9 jaren
Changes to Repeats On/Off aren't reflected in scroll bar of Play Panel active 0 9 jaren
Bracket color insconsistant between Continuous and Page view active 0 9 jaren
Bookmarked folders are not preserved active 3.0 0 3 jaren
Exported PNG shows tablature stem incorrectly active 0 8 jaren
Crash when removing a staff that was selected in a part active 3.0 0 3 jaren
MuseScore Crashing Whenever Saving or Opening Files needs info 3.0 0 3 jaren