Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Drum names and sounds not correct, The different names (bass drum, snare, hi hat) are matched to the wrong sounds (bass drum is snare noise, and hi hat is bass) active 3.6 1 2 maanden
On-screen Piano Keyboard not cleared when playing active 3.6 2 1 jaar
"Expandable" and "expanded" AT-SPI2 (Linux) states missing from state set of palettes active 3.4 4 2 jaren
Allow centering symbols in measures and on notes active 3.0 10 3 jaren
MidiSpanners and Soundbanks active 3.0 6 2 jaren
musescore4 doesn't work part score from full score. active 4.x-dev 4 1 maand
Crash entering short notes in particular measures of a particular score active 4.x-dev 7 11 maanden
Add a way to control plugin via OSC PR created 3.4 3 2 jaren
Simile Marks inside measure to indicate repeat previous beat (playback & display) & MusicXML i/o for "beat-repeat" & "slash" active 3.0 4 1 jaar
Crashes When Removing or Switching Out FabFilter Pro-Q 3 active 4.0 2 1 maand
Cannot hear music I wrote needs info 3.6 1 10 maanden
Percussion sounds have been turned into the sounds of different instruments needs info 3.0 2 3 jaren
Add support for Jianpu numbered musical notation PR created 3.0 16 2 jaren
the organ playback doesnt stop needs info 4.0 1 1 maand
Add an option to Transpose chord symbols only active 3.6 0 10 maanden
MIDI Import menu doesn't recognize multiple program changes active 3.4 1 2 jaren
Accent cannot be played in the .mscz files transferred from 2.x needs info 3.1 8 3 jaren
Loading a soundfont causes mixer settings to be lost active 2.1 0 6 jaren
Measure Number Displayed Wrong active 4.0 1 1 maand
SWING don't work. Always even. active 4.x-dev 1 9 maanden
Chord symbol placement above fret diagrams incorrect needs info 4.x-dev 8 1 jaar
Playback keeps bugging out when I use "Strings" or "Don''s Strings" when there are tremolo's, or fast note occurrences. needs info 3.2 1 3 jaren
Make individual beat rests when splitting a measure active 2.1 8 4 jaren
Piccolo note entry causes program crash active 4.0 3 1 maand