Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Can't access/see certain dialogs when using external monitor active 4.x-dev 2 1 maand
Polysynth instrument acting weird active 0 6 jaren
Glissandi not ported after Unroll Repeats active 3.5 1 2 jaren
Some notes don't sound needs info 3.0 23 3 jaren
Crash in empty measure during playback with MuseSounds taikos active 4.0 5 12 uur
Glissando plays back differently for tied notes vs. a single note of the same value active 3 6 jaren
After successful use of newly-installed MuseScore, subsequent attempt fail at "Loading scores..." needs info 3.5 8 2 jaren
placement and concertPitch cannot deviate from style needs info 3.0 5 3 jaren
Symbols disappear if moved a few spaces active 2.1 4 6 jaren
Crash when applying shortcut key ‘apply move chord/rest to staff above' to linked staff active 3.x-dev 2 2 jaren
Musescore crasht many times a day needs info 3.0 1 3 jaren
Channel change contained in staff text is not reflected in linked part active 2.1 6 5 jaren
Creating Volta on single note selected, produces one staff only volta (as if Ctrl had been pressed) active 3.0 7 2 jaren
Change default status to "Any" on issue search. active 3.0 1 3 jaren
Keyboard shortcuts for intervals are out of order in the keyboard shortcut definition pane active 3.0 4 4 jaren
Doubly added score elements do not avoid each other. active 3.5 1 2 jaren
Album: Joining scores causes issue with time signature measures at system headers active 3.2 0 3 jaren
Save As then re-open original is funky active 3.0 0 3 jaren
Chord slides: Accidental causes wrong layout active 2.1 0 6 jaren
Individual part transposition active 3.6 3 2 jaren
Acciaccatura before note connected with glissando has wrong playback active 3.0 6 3 jaren
PDF Transcribing Assistant lays out PDF pages in horizontal row while MuseScore pages in vertical column active 3.0 1 4 jaren
Random crashing, possible connected to ASIO/MME needs info 3.6 20 1 jaar
Reloading plugins cancels all plugin shortcut assignments. active 3.x-dev 0 3 jaren
Hiding Instruments does not reformat other staves properly active 3.0 1 4 jaren