Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Bar separators are not always spanning across instrument groups needs info 3.2 2 3 jaren
The "file version" metadata in the MuseScore3.exe (Windows) is empty, although displayed in "about" active 3.1 2 3 jaren
Fermata durata active 2.1 0 6 jaren
Allow faster sticking input, by jumping to next note after entering the sticking active 3.6 0 2 jaren
Playback background noises active 3.2 1 3 jaren
Bug: unable to copy and paste lyric text attached to rests active 3.1 1 3 jaren
Placement of bourdons in lute tablature active 3.0 3 5 jaren
New way to open the inspector active 3.6 2 2 jaren
Palette Search doesn't utilize Escape Shortcut as definable by the user active 3.2 4 3 jaren
Options to control the appearance of the screen keyboard active 3.1 1 3 jaren
"Text style" reset button for frame text is active even when no changes have been made active 2.1 1 6 jaren
Audio Problem needs info 3.6 3 2 jaren
Bends: Allow user to adjust minimum height (in Style), and individual height and width (in the Inspector) active 3.2 1 3 jaren
Keyboard shortcuts do not work when the keyboard language is not English. needs info 3.2 6 1 jaar
Musescore Audio Fails after change in audio device. active 2.1 0 6 jaren
"MuseScore quit unexpectedly" after new update needs info 3.6 8 2 jaren
Page Settings: screwed up page overview if "Vertically" for "Scroll Pages" is activated (MuseScore 3.2.3–3.3RC) active 3.2 1 3 jaren
Implement better automatic placement of tuplet when avoiding the staff active 3.2 13 3 jaren
Can't open score if MIDI file with same filename is already open active 2.1 0 6 jaren
RH fingering: uneven alignment in certain cases involving beams active 3.6 6 2 jaren
Unable to tie more than 2 notes needs info 3.x-dev 3 3 jaren
Grace notes in staff/tab pairs are misaligned: causes oversized spaces in music staff active 3.2 6 2 jaren
Change registry key FriendlyAppName to "MuseScore 2.1" active 2.2 3 6 jaren
Midi playback recreates midi events when song ends for no reason active 3.6 4 2 jaren
Regroup rhythms deletes tremolo between notes, undo causes crash needs info 3.3 3 3 jaren