Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Hard to right-click single-line staff active P1 - High 3.0 8 2 jaren
Feedback for non-applicable operations active 3 7 jaren
Quindicesima (15ma) sign above in Grand Piano causing sound dropouts active 3.4 6 1 jaar
Articulations are too close to tab numbers 2.X->3.0 active P1 - High 3.0 3 3 jaren
Add multi-line text area for copyright in New Score Wizard and File -> Score Properties active 3.0 38 2 maanden
[Accessibility] - Implement cross-staff or cross-voice slur input via keyboard active 3.4 1 1 jaar
Dual articulations can't be positioned independently using Styles or the Inspector active 2.3 1 3 jaren
Piece plays through 2nd bar of [C2] then crash - connected to odd tie behaviour? active 3.4 5 1 jaar
Show Time Signature on part causes crash active 8 7 jaren
Metronome ticks do not always match reference beat value active 3.4 31 10 maanden
Note heads don't return to former position after undo reset of manually adjusted accidentals active 3 1 jaar
When integrating the AppImage using AppImageLauncher, Musescore logo is not shown in Ubuntu dock active 3.4 5 1 jaar
Texts in Inspector and Palette don't update when language gets changed active P2 - Medium 3.0 1 3 jaren
half notes and shorter with head changed to brevis don't line up in voices active 1 8 jaren
Collision avoidance remains ON when barlines are hidden in "Staff/Part Properties" active P2 - Medium 3.4 2 1 jaar
First page number not imported from version 2 active P2 - Medium 3.0 1 2 jaren
Chord symbols playback: Add extra "Set as style" buttons to Inspector active 3.5 4 1 jaar
Provide "bookmark" facility for ease of navigation through long scores. active 15 7 jaren
Request for bends to be allowed to extend over multiple notes active 3.4 4 6 maanden
Request method to specify that key signature being added is already transposed active 14 1 jaar
Hide debugger for normal users active 0 7 jaren
Note isn't colored in tablature—even though outside professional pitch range active 3.4 2 1 jaar
musicxml pluck tag is all plucked up active 3 1 jaar
During playback, view doesn't jump to topmost of the page active 0 7 jaren
Ledger preset page size has width > height active 3.0 5 1 jaar