Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
J does not respell Fbb, Cbb, B## or E## PR created 3.2 2 2 jaren
Headnotes appear inside the margin limit (good) and footers appear outside (bad) PR created 3.3 7 2 maanden
Palette search command (shortcut) not engaging when palette is floating PR created P3 - Low 3.3 10 1 jaar
Accidentals no longer tuck under/over previous notes PR created P1 - High 3.0 19 4 maanden
extra notes heard with some sf3 sound fonts PR created 14 10 maanden
[MusicXML import] use note type instead of note duration to determine note length PR created 3.6 6 6 maanden
Crashes when trying to drag anchor point of a glissando PR created 3.6 5 1 week
Move Up / Move Down buttons in Zerberus synth window to change the order of the loaded sfzs. PR created 2.3 6 3 jaren
Final barlines wrongly and only partially assumed from musicxml import from musicxml import lacking barlines PR created 3.6 13 2 maanden
SVG Export handles z-stacking order of staves incorrectly. Staff Type Changes within systems are also not honored PR created 3.6 7 11 maanden
File save can't determine file type without extension PR created 3.3 16 10 maanden
High Floor Tom in 2nd voice by default PR created 3.4 2 1 jaar
[Accessibility] - Tuplet more than 9 seems not to be announced correctly PR created 3.4 2 5 maanden
Crash when copying/pasting a tied note in a MM rest PR created 3.5 32 5 maanden
"Respell pitches" should only work on the selection, if there is any PR created 3.0 7 4 maanden
Add style option for chord symbol offset when placed below the staff PR created 3.0 1 2 jaren
Support MusicXML 4.0 PR created 3.6 12 1 maand
Increase limit of note Offtime in PRE and Plugin API PR created 3.4 12 4 maanden
MIDI input menu has no "None" option PR created 3.0 44 1 jaar
MusicXML export does not preserve altered note tuning PR created 3.5 4 1 jaar
Page Settings spatium rounding causes downstream issues PR created P2 - Medium 3.0 23 1 jaar
Alt+drag dynamic leads to jump in position PR created P2 - Medium 3.0 3 2 jaren
Multi-Measure Rests and Measure Repeats display below the staff on single-line staffs PR created P2 - Medium 3.0 10 3 jaren
Slash appears as a colon PR created 9 1 jaar
[MusicXML import] enable import of MusicXML note duration to set duration as shown in the piano roll editor PR created 3.6 3 7 maanden