Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort ascending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Opening a midi that starts before the beginning of the clip causes crash PR created 14 1 jaar
Saving/reloading score after editing a dynamic causes linked elements to lose edits PR created 3.6 3 1 jaar
Brace's width get unreasonably wide, when setting the 'Max. grand staff distance' value PR created 3.6 6 10 maanden
4x-dev: spurious ampersands appear in most menus PR created 4.x-dev 1 9 maanden
Crashes when trying to drag anchor point of a glissando PR created 3.6 5 8 maanden
[MusicXML export] decimals in metronome markings get separated PR created 3.6 16 7 maanden
import capella score (.capx) crashes newest version of musescore PR created 14 6 maanden
Creating a 4-or-higher tuplet on a 512th or an 8-or-higher tuplet on a 256th crashes Musescore PR created 3.5 11 4 maanden
Half duration shortcut crashes musescore when time signature is 5/4 PR created 3.6 13 3 maanden
[MusicXML] Export missing instrument-sound tag PR created 3.6 12 2 maanden
20th Century French Clefs with wrong names PR created 4.x-dev 8 4 weken
[MusicXML] Import/export of ottava coordinates needs info 2.1 10 5 jaren
Add license wizard for to promote Creative Commons based licenses needs info 3 7 jaren
Notes still have "Stemless" off when the measure is stemless needs info 7 2 jaren
Timewise delete code needs info 6 3 jaren
No sound when moving chord needs info 3 2 jaren
Blue strip partially appears, then disappears after enabling and disabling Documents Stacked/Side by Side needs info 1 2 jaren
Upper and lower case letters not considered when overwriting file name needs info 11 1 jaar
Text not aligned or missing when opening 1.1 score needs info 1 2 jaren
[MusicXML export] Lyrics do not handle flat and sharp signs needs info 13 2 jaren
Some icons in Shortcuts difficult to see needs info 3 4 maanden
Note Entry enabled after disabling and Undo needs info 5 2 jaren
Shortcut that won't work needs info 6 6 jaren
Barline span is wrong in parts needs info P2 - Medium 5 3 jaren
I'm a: .... more options pls needs info 3 4 maanden