Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Notches every 10dB for Volume Knobs and Sliders active 2.1 2 5 jaren
Custom time signature properties not applied to subsequently added instruments. active 2.1 2 5 jaren
QML cursor rewind to start of selection bogus active 3.2 10 2 jaren
Unnecessary MIDI note on message at playback in MIDI output active 2.1 6 5 jaren
Wrong cursor advancement on entry of non-voice 1 measure completing tied note. active 3.6 0 1 jaar
[Musicxml export] - Composite articulations not exported active 3.4 4 1 jaar
Cut time is not shown in Timeline if selected after the common time active 3.0 3 4 jaren
allow a superscript "+" to 5 in figured bass active 3.0 3 3 jaren
Jack MIDI : MuseScore plays piano only active 0 12 jaren
Microtonal information in Alter MusicXML tag not preserved. active 3.4 4 2 jaren
Stem direction not automatically redrawn when beam direction is not explicitly changed. active 2.1 4 4 jaren
Hide courtesy clef does not work in context menu active 7 8 jaren
Glissando between grace note and parent is too long; and does not stretch or contract with score active 3.4 2 1 jaar
[GP4 import] Lyrics are not imported correctly active 2.1 0 5 jaren
Cajon staff active 3.0 13 2 jaren
Content of some palettes disappears when the palettes width get reduced to its minimum active 2.2 13 4 jaren
[trunk] copy SVG graphics added to a palette to a 'safe place' active 1 11 jaren
Attaching an element to a start repeat barline is not possible active 3.6 0 10 maanden
Bug with real-time note entering active 3.4 0 2 jaren
Add "2.2" as version number for issues active 1 4 jaren
Add comments to the source code when needed active 7 2 jaren
Chord symbol playback: add a "Custom" option to "Voicing" active 3.x-dev 2 2 jaren
Request for ornaments and articulations to implement playback using channel changes where appropriate active 2.3 16 4 jaren
Split chord across staves in cross-staff notation active P2 - Medium 29 9 maanden
Zerberus: use of filter sometimes causes pop noise at the beginning of sample playback active 2 3 jaren