Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Certain chord symbols don't export to MusicXML correctly active 3.6 16 4 weken
Random crashing, possible connected to ASIO/MME needs info 3.6 20 4 maanden
Beam properties get reset after undo and redo active 3.6 1 2 weken
Time signature note grouping not included in templates active 3.6 3 3 maanden
tablature note->addParentheses() layout issue active 3.6 3 1 maand
[Flatpak] Apply new style button vanishes as soon Leland or Edwin is selected active 3.6 4 4 maanden
Musescore 3.6.2 crashes when opening score with Pipewire/JACK active 3.6 4 1 week
soundfont is installed. sythesizer and mixer are greyed out needs info 3.6 1 3 maanden
Crash when enabling MIDI or changing I/O preferences active 3.6 1 1 maand
Program crashes when importing Guitar Pro File active 3.6 5 3 maanden
damaged file hymn to the fallen needs info 3.6 3 1 maand
Undoing a clef change when the other linked staff does not display one leads to a crash active 3.6 5 4 weken
Allow mouse wheel to scroll palettes on hover needs info 3.6 10 2 weken
Inconsistent behavior of copy / paste for small / colored notes on Guitar + TAB active 3.6 0 1 maand
Page Up/Down not working correctly when page break present active 3.6 1 4 maanden
During Playback of an Individual Instrument Part of a Score, If Solo, at any time, transitions from On to Off in the Mixer for the Instrument Part, other Non-Muted Instruments in the Full Score Play for that Part when Solo is Off. active 3.6 4 4 weken
The playback feature is broken. needs info 3.6 1 4 maanden
Reset velocities option on MIDI file import active 3.6 6 1 maand
Transpose diatonically from C one third lower should change C (major) chord symbols into Am (minor) chord symbols, not A (major) active 3.6 6 4 maanden
macOS 10.5 accessibility setting “Enable Hover Text” causes crash active P2 - Medium 3.6 12 3 maanden
Musescore keeps crashing everytime I open it needs info 3.6 2 2 maanden
Vertical frame: "Enable Auto-Size" does not work for heights less than 10 sp. active 3.6 7 4 maanden
Timeline view zoom controls active 3.6 0 3 maanden
Opening this score (uploaded to musescore) causes a crash on open. Maybe due to odd time signatures? needs info 3.6 2 4 maanden
Muted channels in Symphony orchestra template PR created 3.6 3 3 maanden