Issues for MuseScore

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Make line grips disappear while adjusting active 0 7 jaren
Creating instrumentlist by used soundfont active 10 3 jaren
Deleting a single/list selection doesn't actually clear it active 0 7 jaren
Midi remote control - Unable to delete assignment active 1 6 jaren
Navigator x close button active 0 9 jaren
Uneven spacing between drum clef and rest active 2 7 jaren
Login should stay in website domain; not working with strict privacy settings needs info 7 7 jaren
Slur does not lead to pitch resolving the ornament active 1 8 jaren
Multi-measure rest does not cover all measures with rest, IF... ... active 8 1 maand
Software doesn't open when clicked. active 4 7 jaren
[need-to-discuss][Piano Roll] The deletion behavior in the piano roll active 3 6 jaren
Expose font substitution to user active 0 9 jaren
Tremolo channel not exported to audio active 1 7 jaren
Handle error "You must build your code with position independent code if Qt was built with -reduce-relocations. " in cmake needs info 6 2 jaren
Quit option at Startup Dialog active 1 8 jaren
Image export adds deleted fingerings needs info 9 2 jaren
Tablature shown as treble staff in "Instruments" when Clef is hidden active 2 6 jaren
Lyric margins and spacing not well-preseved importing 1.3 score active 5 7 jaren
Rests not rewritten when pasting into new time signature active 1 7 jaren
Acciaccatura after note active P2 - Medium 11 1 jaar
Drag trail with dynamics starting with "f" active 7 7 jaren
Empty rhythm flags above the line for Tab needs info 9 6 jaren
Add operating system information to bug report template active 1 8 jaren
Issues tracker: "Details" section missing active 0 4 jaren
Import images from musicXML active 1 6 jaren