Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
[MusicXML] Dots after volta numbers not exported active P2 - Medium 3 3 jaren
Error in playback of voltas with clef changes or dynamics active 11 2 jaren
Staccato dot application from palette different from using shortcut active 4 8 jaren
Problème de copier (cmd-C) et coller (cmd-V) needs info 1 7 jaren
Resource Manager should additionally show a (last modified) Date/Time active 6 9 jaren
[MusicXML export] Grace after note active 0 8 jaren
String data/tuning not synced between score and parts active 7 4 jaren
Audit all import filters for the new TPC1/TPC2 construct active 4 9 jaren
Templates show odd key signature behaviour for transposing instruments active 0 11 jaren
stem length becomes short for stem up note when pitch increase active 7 2 jaren
clicking object with opaque background selects object behind it instead active 2 8 jaren
Drumline not installing needs info P3 - Low 12 3 jaren
Tidy up Getting Started score active 0 7 jaren
Provision of some means to adjust the number of bars counted in active 7 3 jaren
[New Site] "My Issues" link/filter unavailable active 4 5 jaren
Ancrusis writing active 3 1 jaar
Embedded markup in instrument long and short name after importing MuseScore 1.3 mscx file active 4 3 jaren
Initial window size is very wide on multi-monitor setup. active 5 5 jaren
Shortcut for Synthesizer interferes with text entry active 7 4 jaren
Note Entry enabled after disabling and Undo needs info 5 3 jaren
Rehearsal Marks active 1 7 jaren
Provide options to change default transposition options active 7 3 jaren
can't manually advance voice 2-4 note edit cursor to measure not already containing that voice active 2 8 jaren
cursor for a note at beginning of measure active 1 9 jaren
Duplicate Measures active 3 6 jaren