Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
No way of controlling gateTime at present in nightlies active 18 5 jaren
Translated text for "Join Scores" doesn't fit button in Album dialog active 2 1 jaar
Edit time issue active 8 5 maanden
OMR doesn't work active 15 5 jaren
can't disable Shift+Space shortcut for previous syllable PR created 6 1 jaar
Download link to older versions of MuseScore is out of date active P1 - High 6 3 maanden
"Reset value" button enabled for several elements even if those are using their default values active 6 2 jaren
Update instructions in the issue tracker. active 0 2 jaren
Shortcut for Synthesizer interferes with text entry active 7 1 jaar
Display-corruption on 'scroll music sheet' followed by 'move window' active 1 6 jaren
Plugin: context of new Score() call affects resulting score active 1 6 jaren
Bracket color insconsistant between Continuous and Page view active 0 7 jaren
Every inserted staff appears as Staff 1 active 1 6 jaren
Tablature incorrectly restored after undo change in Stave Properties active 1 1 jaar
allow insert Measure, VBox, or HBox before a VBox or HBox active 31 1 jaar
Request special case for select next measure to select to end if in last measure active 9 6 jaren
Bowings should always appear above other 'articulations' active 0 5 jaren
Software doesn't open when clicked. active 4 6 jaren
Mscore font from 1.3 used in preference to 2.0 on some Linux systems active 10 6 jaren
Tab: make font bold, italic or/and underlined active 22 5 maanden
Match names of Note Heads in palette and Inspector active 0 8 jaren
Suggestion for password display on and login for iPhone app active 3 5 jaren
Cursor misbehaviour in text box when editing RTL text active P2 - Medium 5 1 jaar
Stroke of acciaccatura collides with ledger lines active 3 5 jaren
rhythmic link needs info 2 1 jaar