Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
not enough space under "Staff Type" in windows classic theme active 12 7 jaren
Add eastern europe characters to MuseJazz active 0 9 jaren
Linking two Tab staves cuts playback active 3 5 jaren
Proper theme the tutorials page active 1 6 jaren
Cautionary key signature on jump active 0 10 jaren
Add violin/fiddle-style tablature. active 57 7 maanden
Windows Installer : add option to install MuseScore for all users/single user active 19 1 jaar
Dragging drum notes produces red bar rests active 0 9 jaren
Changing style>text properties not reflected on page needs info 10 6 jaren
"Follow text" able to work with a single number in the tempo text active 12 1 jaar
Rests in voice 4 rhythmic slash notation not positioned well active 0 5 jaren
[Ubuntu 11.10] 'Save As' does not work active 2 7 jaren
Fix measures widths produces shortened line if horizontal frame present active 0 7 jaren
Copying all layout information to parts active P2 - Medium 55 6 maanden
Display essentials of navigator active 2 7 jaren
TAB: scale change in staff properties shows wrong dot size active 2 5 jaren
Tie direction for chords on tab staves non-deterministic? active 1 6 jaren
Issue reports can be posted without the uploaded/chosen files attached active 2 1 jaar
Accidental policy added in pitchspelling.cpp (changes with accidental chosen for MIDI input) active 5 2 jaren
Sextuplet contains seven notes?? needs info 2 1 jaar
implement OpenSL ES audio driver backend for android active 3 5 jaren
[Trunk] Undo doesn't restore previous tie direction active 5 1 jaar
Slash notehead position needs adjusting active 7 1 jaar
Explosive accents on Guitar part with linked tab staff active 2 5 jaren
uncheck courtesy for time- or Key sigs in inspector has no effect when having the courtesy time- or keysig selected active 6 7 jaren