Roman Numeral Analysis (RNA)

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    As of version 3.3, MuseScore supports Roman Numeral Analysis (RNA), a chord analysis system using a system of lower and upper case roman numerals, superscripts, subscripts and other modifying symbols. It is commonly used in music textbooks to describe chords and their relationships in a way that does not depend upon key (see External links for further details).

    Note: For RNA, MuseScore uses the font "Campania" by default—this is pre-installed with the program. For information about the font, see the README.

    Enter RNA

    1. Select a start note;
    2. From the menu, select AddTextRoman Numeral Analysis. Alternatively, set up a keyboard shortcut to do the same thing in Preferences;
    3. Input the RNA symbols for the chord just like normal text, as follows;
      • Major chord: Upper case roman numerals
      • Minor chord: Lower case roman numerals
      • Diminished chord: o (lower case)
      • Half-diminished chord: 0 (zero)
      • Augmented chord: +
      • Chord inversions: Enter up to 3 single-digit numbers, top note first
      • Accidentals: # (sharp), b (flat)
      • For other symbols, see the image under Examples.
    4. Move the cursor forward or backwards to continue entering or editing symbols for other chords (see commands below);
    5. When RNA is completed, exit by pressing Esc, or by clicking on a blank section of the score.

    RNA is a type of text and can therefore be edited and styled just like any other text object.

    Keyboard Commands

    The following commands are available during entry:

    • Space move Cursor to next note, rest, or beat
    • Shift+Space move cursor to previous note, rest, or beat
    • ; move cursor to next beat
    • : move cursor to previous beat
    • Tab move cursor to next measure
    • Shift+Tab move cursor to previous measure
    • Ctrl (Mac: Cmd) plus number (1 - 9) move Cursor by duration corresponding to number (e.g.; half note for 6)
    • Esc exit edit mode



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