Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Graphic info on measure when "break multi bar rest" is checked active 0 6 anos
Adding new measures does not update the maximum value for position slider in Play panel active P1 - High 1 9 meses
Objects in 'Special characters and text symbols' window amiss active 0 7 anos
Tempo Attributes Appear Corrupted - Tempo Can't be Changed needs info 7 3 anos
MacOS Build : "make -f Makefile.osx xcode" fails if QT is not installed in the user's home directory active 0 6 anos
Plugin Creator help document is missing much important information active 1 3 anos
Support for (a more complex) additive time signature active 2 3 meses
PulseAudio checkbox in MuseScore settings is not fully drawn active 1 5 anos
Slash fill in percussion staves, voices 3 and 4 active 0 4 anos
Lyric text selected by default upon navigating under a note? needs info 2 6 anos
shortcut "{" for Add less stress does not work in c351315 active 11 4 anos
Display essentials of navigator active 2 6 anos
Changing position in text style alters position of manually adjusted elements active 0 6 anos
Handbook pdf: H4 and H5 font-size and spacing needs adjusting active 2 1 ano
stem length becomes short for stem up note when pitch increase active 6 7 anos
Use CommonMark parser for Markdown active 18 1 ano
Add auto filter function in Mixer Sound Mapping active 1 1 ano
Crash on copy of invalid tuplet active 9 4 anos
Shortening bar kills note active 0 5 anos
joined scores from album lose line alterations active 6 7 meses
Local time signature change results in corruption needs info P2 - Medium 15 1 ano
half notes and shorter with head changed to brevis don't line up in voices active 1 6 anos
Adding system-flag to text does not affect linked parts (or move text to top staff in score) active P1 - High 19 11 meses
Handles on each side of bracket active 1 7 anos
'About' box way too wide when using an outdated translation active 7 5 anos