Regroup rhythms

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    Standard music notation normally follows a set of conventions designed to facilitate the reading of rhythm. The basic idea is to group notes in ways that clarify which notes belong to which beat. Rules include:

    • sixteenth notes should be beamed in a way that clarifies each beat
    • eighth notes should be beamed in a way that clarifies each group of two beats
    • longer notes that start off the beat should be broken up with ties to clarify each beat or group of two beats

    A full discussion of this topic is beyond the scope of this Handbook, but for more information, see this handout.

    Here is an example of a rhythm written incorrectly and then correctly:

    Example of rhythm written incorrectly and correctly

    MuseScore can correct many of these cases automatically.

    Regrouping rhythms

    To regroup rhythms according to the common conventions of standard music notation:

    1. Select the passage you wish to regroup.
    2. From the main menu, select Tools→Regroup rhythms.

    The rhythm itself is not changed—only the notation of it.

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