Text blocks


    A text block is a text object entered within a frame.

    Text blocks in frames have numerous uses:

    • Display the title, subtitle composer, arranger, lyricist etc at the beginning of a score.
    • Display details of individual pieces within a suite.
    • Display lyrics at the end of a song/hymn.

    and so on.

    Adding text blocks to your score

    To add a text block to a frame:

    1. Add the appropriate frame to the desired location in the score if needed (see Using frames for additional content)
    2. Right-click on the frame and select Add; alternatively, from the menu bar select Add→Text
    3. Choose from the text types offered: Text, Title, Subtitle, Composer, Lyricist, Part name
    4. In the bounding box that appears, enter the desired text.

    Note: When you enter details of a new score (such as Title, Composer etc) on the Additional score information page of the New score dialog, these appear automatically as text blocks in a frame at the top of the first page.

    Changing the appearance of text blocks

    The general and text properties of a selected text block can be changed in the Properties panel. In particular, you may want to

    • change default horizontal/vertical alignment in the Text section.
    • adjust position by dragging, using the keyboard arrows, or adjusting the horizontal/vertical offsets in the Appearance section.
    • check “Match staff size” in the Text section, to ensure that the text block scales up and down with the Scaling set in Page Settings.

    Remember to make the new setting the style default (where appropriate) by clicking on the relevant ellipsis (three dots) icon and selecting “”Save as default style for this score”.

    Text block text properties

    The text properties of a selected text block can be changed in the Text section of the Properties panel.

    Alternatively you may wish to choose a different text style altogether from the dropdown list under “Text style” (in Properties: TextMore)

    Text block text style

    The default properties of any text block can be edited from Format→Styles→Text Styles. Alternatively you can make changes to individual style properties from the Properties panel; see Saving and restoring default settings.

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