Download and installation






    The easiest way to install the program is by using an AppImage:

    1. Go to the Download→Software page at
    2. Under Linux→AppImage (recommended), click on the Download (64 bit) link
    3. When the download is complete, right-click on the AppImage and select Properties
    4. Switch to the Permissions tab
    5. The next step varies depending on your file manager:
      • Nautilus-based (Nemo, Files, Caja) : Check the “Allow executing file as program” box.
      • Dolphin: Check the "Is executable" box.
      • Thunar: Check the “Allow this file to run as a program” box.
      • PCManFM: Change the “Execute” option in the drop down list to “Anyone”.
    6. Exit the dialog.
    7. Right-click inside the directory in which the AppImage is installed and select Open in Terminal
    8. In the Terminal type, ./[file name] install (the dot and slash at the beginning are important!)

    Steps 7–8 ensure that a MuseScore entry appears in the system’s menu and is linked to the new location of the AppImage (/home/[user name]/.local/bin). The correct file associations are also automatically made.

    Note: Instead of steps 7 and 8 (above) you can, of course, install using the absolute file path instead. That is:

    1. Open the Terminal
    2. Type [file path] install

    Tip: if you apply copy to the AppImage and press Ctrl+Shift+V in the terminal this will enter the absolute file path of the file that has just been “copied”.


    No formal uninstall proceedure is needed to remove the installed AppImage. Just delete menu entries and any shortcuts manually, then delete the App itself, and its links (which will be in ~/.local/bin).