Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
command line convertion can't complete active 3.x-dev 1 1 неделю
Collision needs info 3.2 1 1 неделю
Request option to copy system elements with copy/paste (ALL ELEMENTS) active 87 1 неделю
Dockable panels: Improve contrast of the titlebar area active 3.4 0 1 неделю
missing text fonts should fall back to FreeSerif active 3.3 4 1 неделю
The original key assigned to the clarinet was D major but it mysteriously changed to C Major. The notes did not change when played. needs info 3.4 1 1 неделю
Auto-spacing of lyrics is non-ideal active 3.4 2 1 неделю
The Advanced Preferences table doesn't allow column width resizing and truncates parameter values on their left. active 3.4 8 1 неделю
Monitor resolution detected incorrectly, making sizes wrong needs info 32 1 неделю
MuseScore crashes on Mac when exporting .mid /.musicxml active 3.4 2 1 неделю
[Musicxml Export] - Measure Number Reset Fails When Meeting Text Frames active 3.4 14 1 неделю
Clef changes do not appear in parts generated from voices >1 active P1 - High 3.4 0 0 секунд
Manual fingering placement made with Inspector changes after layout active 3.4 3 0 секунд
Make "Visible" checkbox in Instruments dialog avilable for individual staves within an instrument active P2 - Medium 3.0 6 0 секунд
Extra key signatures appear unexpectedly in parts from multi-staff instruments, and fix itself on save/reload PR created P1 - High 3.x-dev 9 0 секунд
Improve discoverability of hide/show instrument in Timeline active 3.4 0 0 секунд
No sound after minimizing Cubase 8 and maximizing MuseScore back active 1 0 секунд
Stems are too long on small chords with beams or hooks/flags PR created 11 0 секунд
Add option to make the measures of a system of equal width active 3.4 6 0 секунд
Behavior of Q & W in tablature not very convenient active 3.2 1 0 секунд
[MusicXML export] double fermata exporting note with both fermata and grace note needs info 3.0 6 0 секунд
Add Glissando playback style portamento PR created P2 - Medium 68 0 секунд
Cannot drop pedal and other lines onto element in voice other than 1 active P2 - Medium 3.4 15 0 секунд
Timeline Grid missing in MuseScore 3.5RC PR created 3.x-dev 1 0 секунд
Shortcuts for linked staff and tablature : how to go from score to tablature and then go back to score ? active 3.2 4 0 секунд