Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Breaks only appear in parts with 1st staff active 0 8 years
MS3-RC does not want to quit. active 3.0 0 1 year
When reading the y position of staff text it differs by 1.5 from the position it was written at. active 2.3 0 1 year
Clicked bar is not in selection when holding shift and moving left active 0 8 years
Transposing instruments handle difficult key signatures incorrectly active 3.0 0 1 year
crash in Glissando::layout() when delete a bunch of measures in someone's big score active 3.0 0 1 year
[Trunk] Increasing the space of scaling causes elements to collide active 0 8 years
Cannot save existing .mscz file on Macosx Mojave 10.14.2 active 3.0 0 1 year
Preferences doesn't appear after Hide MuseScore active 0 7 years
Text and chord symbol styles do not update when switching to MuseJazz with "Automatically load style settings based on font" selected active 3.0 0 1 year
Strings Playback - pizz active 0 7 years
Match names of Note Heads in palette and Inspector active 0 7 years
"Image" element anchored to measure disappears after save and reopen active 3.0 0 1 year
Able to edit trillsegment like linesegment active 0 7 years
Un-notated Drone Effect active 3.0 0 1 year
[Feedback Form] 'Rewind to start position' keeps first note selected active P1 - High 3.0 0 11 months
Fix images handling active 0 6 years
Midi playback - corrupted, extra noise not in the score active 3.0 0 11 months
Stem direction not preserved after undo and redo paste active 0 6 years
Application crashes after Shift-K, Close window and Command-K active 3.0 0 11 months
Repeat selection of note in chord sounds top note active 0 6 years
Sounds on my computer stop working after fresh Musescore installation active 3.0 0 10 months
Undo unavailable if moving accidental via keyboard active 0 5 years
Shorten Stems doesn't adjust stems of beamed notes active 3.0 0 9 months
Change to mixer setting does not mark score as edited active 3.0 0 9 months