Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Integrate Parnassus font in MuseScore active 3 7 years
Change drumset style/setup via command line and a style file active 18 2 years
Delete note and undo doesn't restore stem direction active 2 2 years
spacing clash with ledger lines and rehearsal letters outline active 2 7 years
Demos for MuseScore 2 beta active 0 8 years
Playback Mixer: soling & unsoloing a second instrument makes it sound endlessly active 0 7 years
Continuous view is interrupted by frames active 6 8 years
Freeze file name during use active 10 3 years
App Crashes(musescore 4 beta) when i try to reset styles on an old Musescore file from 3.6 on Musecore 4 active 1 2 months
Out of range note doesn't highlight when dragging element onto it active 3 8 years
Add more styles for bent notes active 6 2 years
Note in MusicXML pastes unbeamed active 2 3 years
Left/Right Align no longer works on Titles needs info 5 7 years
Add option to display letter note name in tablature in place of fret number. active 7 2 years
Erratic behavior of the Tab cursor according the layout active 1 8 years
Movement of line (Crescendo) markings from main to part layout needs info 2 7 years
Tremolo channel not exported to audio active 1 8 years
Note head of seconds incorrectly positioned active 3 9 years
Pedal markings under grand staff can only be attached to notes in staff attached to active 17 1 month
Adding Save As icon to toolbar active 2 8 years
Stems, hooks/flags, and beams not selected after paste or repeat active 9 2 years
import of v1.2 file: arco/pizz wrong position and playback active 3 9 years
Windows Installer : add option to install MuseScore for all users/single user active 23 1 year
Handle error "You must build your code with position independent code if Qt was built with -reduce-relocations. " in cmake needs info 6 3 years
Polysynth instrument acting weird active 0 7 years