How to solve bluetooth audio problems

Some possibilities found in the forums.
  • Connect devices before starting MuseScore;
  • Toggle (off and back on) the MIDI button in the toolbar
  • From Preferences I/O select a different audio option, applying that, then re-selecting 'Speakers/Headphones' and apply;
  • Some headsets have both a mode with only output and a mode with microphone. For whatever reason your PC automatically recognizes your audio device as a microphone which isn't compatible with MuseScore. Just exit MuseScore, set your headsets as only audio device and launch MuseScore again. Now MuseScore automatically will set everything well
  • Check whether there is a selection for options in the mixer of your operating system.

See also How to get Mac and Bluetooth in place and How to get sound working if you don't hear anything

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