Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
rearrange notes over bar lines active 4 3 years
Adding new measures does not update the maximum value for position slider in Play panel active P1 - High 1 1 year
Error in moving multiple dynamics marks active 7 5 years
Drag and drop of palette elements active 0 7 years
Entering Period (.) in Wizard Title Corrupts File Name active 2 6 years
Beaming across rests results in collisions active 2 8 years
Augmentation dot of grace note collides with fret mark/note active 3 6 years
[MusicXML export] rehearsal mark and system text missing in multi-measure rests needs info 4 1 year
Welcome Screen if no Tab is opened active 7 7 years
Enharmonic changes by user should persist at least through the same measure. active 20 10 months
Lyrics line not positioned correctly for vertical alignments other than baseline active 0 6 years
Grace note palette shows notes with slurs active 13 5 years
Handbook: button text changes color on mouse over active 1 1 year
MuseScore doesn't ask to save MuseScore 1.3 Files in the directory they were opened from active 15 6 years
Removing top instrument removes group bracket active 0 8 years
Allow templates to be full scores active 4 3 years
Put split and join measure on context menu active 4 6 years
Auto-save during Continuous View takes window focus active 7 1 year
[Mac OS X] Scores that have not previously been opened do not open at first active 6 5 years
Selecting notes with Shift + mouse drag in chords active 0 7 years
Changing key signature after section break on horizontal frame force a courtesy key signature. active 9 4 months
Undo doesn't work after extending barlines if the last instrument is hidden active P2 - Medium 5 1 year
When silently changing the key to enharmonic equivalent during transposition, change notes too active 9 6 years
Drumset included in octave change active 5 6 years
Playback slows down and get out of rythm. MIDI translation is not optimized needs info 3 5 years