Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort descending
Add a "second time only" option (For repeats, not Volta) GitHub issue 47 1 month
Glissando line thickness control active 3.4 21 1 month
PDF Export does not set the PDF "Author" Property GitHub issue 3.1 6 1 month
Dynamics copied from second volta GitHub issue 4.0 4 1 month
Lyric elision using slur marks, between notes, not for a single note active 14 1 month
Midi Keyboard Input Latency Makes It Unusable active 4.0 9 1 month
Mordent pitch issue (4.x regression) active 4.0 2 1 month
Some notes are not playing during playback GitHub issue 4.0 15 1 month
Text such as "distort" and "overdrive" ignores ties on Electric Guitar in MS4 GitHub issue 4.0 9 1 month
Allow look-ahead while panning vertically during playback active P2 - Medium 3.6 14 1 month
Trills not played back correctly on Muse Sounds saxophone active 4.x-dev 3 1 month
Additional note (that is not written) playing in viola section active 4.0 2 1 month
Disabling "Pan score" button breaks direct navigation by the Find command and the Timeline GitHub issue 3.6 5 1 month
Re-implement the Album feature for Musecore 3/4 GitHub issue P1 - High 3.0 25 1 month
Switching channels for a drumset instrument loses the sound bank (128) definition. active 3.5 5 1 month
Muse String portamento active 4.0 1 1 month
Caesura Playback Issue (in Muse4) GitHub issue 4.x-dev 24 1 month
Lyric hyphen and melisma insertion not working on Estonian keyboard on Musescore 4.0.0 rev 5485621 GitHub issue 4.0 12 1 month
Feature request: allow for parentheses or brackets to be added to any element [Articulations Example] GitHub issue 4.x-dev 12 1 month
Icon not added by "AppImage Launcher" active 3.6 15 1 month
MIDI Channel Assignment missing in MuseScore 4 needs info 4.0 16 1 month
Glissandos disappear needs info 3.6 8 1 month
Caesura playback broken GitHub issue 4.0 9 1 month
"Let Ring" does not work at all with the Muse Sounds - and does not sustain more than approx 1 second with the MS basic sounds GitHub issue 4.0 5 1 month
Acciaccatura after note active P2 - Medium 17 1 month