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On this page you will find several areas of MuseScore that you can contribute to. The New Contributor Tasks section [to be created] has great step-by-step write-ups of tasks that make it easy for new contributors to get started.


就算是博学多才的MuseScore老手们曾经都是菜鸟—and chances are someone has helped you at some point along the way. No matter what your skill level may be, you can give back by sharing what you know with other users. It's a nice thing to do, and you might learn more from others, too!



Whether you're interested in extending the handbook, writing step-by-step tutorials, or producing multimedia screencasts to show people how MuseScore works, you can help improve MuseScore's documentation and provide a valuable resource to the community.

Contribute to documentation





If you have a keen eye for detail, or even just a knack for breaking things, you can accelerate the development of the next version of MuseScore by testing in-progress previews and filing reports of problems you encounter. Good testing directly contributes to the stability of the software, and it's an excellent way for people of all backgrounds to make an immensely valuable contribution to the project!


Design and usability

People deeply experienced with MuseScore may lack perspective on how things appear to those starting fresh, or transitioning from a competing commercial product. Are you helping someone who has never used MuseScore before? Or are you new to MuseScore yourself? Do you have experience with other notation software? Contribute feedback on MuseScore's usability to help shape the software's future design.


MuseScore thrives on developer contributions in the form of both contributed code and patches. Helping out in development helps the project move forward and stay competitive, and it is the best way to ensure that MuseScore can do what you need it to do on your next musical project!



Do you wish to extend the functionality of MuseScore without actually reworking the core code? Write a plugin!

Contribute to plugins


Help get the word out about MuseScore! Put your graphic design skills or marketing savvy to work in promoting MuseScore and spreading the word.

Learn more in the MuseScore marketing group


If you want to contribute but don't have the time to help out in any of the specific ways detailed above... If you just want to say "thank you" to the folks who have put work into making MuseScore what it is... If you want to ensure that MuseScore's infrastructure stays healthy and strong... why not consider a monetary donation?