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Palettes are highly customizable. You can create/delete single palettes and populate them with arbitrary elements from the master palette or from elements of a score. A set of palettes is called a Workspace. You can maintain several workspaces and easily switch between them.

Only palettes in a custom workspace allow access to their context menu. So first you must create a custom workspace.

Right-clicking on a palette title shows the palette menu.

The menu offers the following operations:

  • Palette Properties: Selecting this entry opens the palette property dialog:

    Palette Properties

    You also have a 'Show more elements' tick box there.

  • Insert New Palette: Creates a new empty palette which can be filled with elements from the master palette, other palettes, or with elements from the score (see below).

  • Move Palette Up: Moves the palette up in the list of palettes.
  • Move Palette Down: Moves the palette down in the list of palettes.
  • Enable Editing: Tick this to change the content of a palette. To avoid accidental changes, editing is off by default.
  • Save Palette: Opens a file dialog and saves the palette into a file.
  • Load Palette: Opens a file dialog and reads a palette from a file.
  • Delete Palette

Right-clicking the header of the list of palettes opens the palette context menu. The menu allows you to change the palette behavior.

  • Single Palette Mode: If ticked allows only one palette to be open.

You can also right-click on an empty field in a palette and be able to add one with "Show More...".

Show More

(Enabled if the corresponding item is ticked in the palette's properties)

Customizing palettes

Once you have created a new workspace and enabled palette editing (see above), you can start to customise the palettes.

To add customized elements from a score:

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift (Mac: Cmd+Shift) and drag the element from the score into a palette in the custom workspace.

To add symbols from the Master Palette:

Open the Master Palette and simply drag any element from it into your custom palette with editing enabled.

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