Helping improve translations

这些是Musescore 2的旧版说明
Musescore 3 users, see 帮忙改进翻译

You can help translate the MuseScore software and documentation into your own language, as mentioned in Development / Translating.

Software translation

  1. Ask in the forum to improve translation
  2. Connect to Transifex/MuseScore, which will redirect you to
  3. Select the language and then the section you want to help with (musescore or instruments)
  4. Click on the "translate" button (the button text will depend on your language...)
  5. Search for "strings" (informational meaning) you want to translate (you could filter "already translated items")

Here is a technical explanation: Continuous translation for MuseScore 2.0

Website and handbook translation

See Translation instructions

See also

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