Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies 升序排列 Last updated
Access via QML on some Measure property active 0 6年
Deleting Change Instrument potentially damages score active 3.0 0 1年
Oblique stroke in acciaccatura chord collides with notehead until re-opening active 0 6年
Fix measures widths produces shortened line if horizontal frame present active 0 6年
PluginAPI::writeScore returns true although saving with relative path failed active P3 - Low 3.0 0 1年
deleting a timesig changes the nominal and actual time sig to 4/4 regardles of the previous value active 0 6年
Drag and drop of palette elements active 0 6年
Drag-and-drop element to selection behaves differently than double-clicking active 3.1 0 1年
Display on playback gets confused when text frame added to start active 3.1 0 1年
Oblique stroke of small acciaccatura collides with notehead active 0 5年
Make howtos translatable active 0 1年
No sound on Ubuntu 18.04.2 active 3.1 0 1年
Pages are not positioned correctly when using shortcuts "Page Up" and "Page Down" active 0 5年
Piano Roll Editor should display/allow-edit "off time", not "length" active 3.2 0 1年
Tuplet bracket initial drawn too low on page in parts if no title frame in score active 0 5年
Lyrics line not positioned correctly for vertical alignments other than baseline active 0 5年
Right click menu for insertion of header tags active 3.2 0 10个月
Observation with NoteEntry and "Add Staff Below/Above to Selection" active 3.2 0 9个月
rewrite musescore with web technologies active 0 9个月
Can't add melisma underscores when adding lyrics to rests active 3.2 0 8个月
Multiple grace notes: not enough space allowed between notes active 3.0 0 8个月
Lyrics editing moves cursor outside of visible space active 3.2 0 7个月
Split staff does not work in MIDI inport active 3.3 0 7个月
System brackets and connected barlines made a mess of when new instrument added in the middle active 0 4年
Note-Input bar collapses back to single-line early when window isn't wide enough active 3.3 0 6个月