Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Blue strip partially appears, then disappears after enabling and disabling Documents Stacked/Side by Side active 0 8年
Mark strings as non translatable in UI files when necessary active 0 8年
Dragging drum notes produces red bar rests active 0 8年
Remove key signature step during score creation if only non-pitch and tablature instruments selected active 3 7年
Default size of Mixer window should accommodate instrument list active 2 7年
Play Panel details should disappear after closing score active 2 6年
Changes to Palettes get lost on quit active 1 6年
[trunk] SVG graphics imported into a palette are not placeable in the score active 0 8年
[trunk] copy SVG graphics added to a palette to a 'safe place' active 1 8年
[trunk] [osx] "backspace-key" triggering the same action as "delete-key" active 4 8年
Disallow moving notes vertically in edit mode active 0 8年
[Trunk] Re-moving note head returns to original position active 1 8年
Printing Problems active 9 7年
Improve MuseScore page on Japanese Wikipedia active 3.0 6 3年
[Trunk] Colours in voice boxes disappears after deleting notes active 2 8年
[Trunk] Saw Wave isn't selected in Mixer active 0 8年
input of certain symbols simultaneous with note input active 30 1年
Minor changes for intergration with REAPER DAW active 7 8年
Flatten score active 2 8年
Add support for scroll bars in ScoreView active 2.2 25 2年
Slur beginning on last note of system appears not to extent active 5 7年
Brackets and braces should nest active 2 7年
[Trunk] Copying note from beam with altered properties pastes beam-like active 0 8年
OMR doesn't work active 15 4年
Default dynamic positioning active 9 6年