MuseScore 導覽

使用免費且開源的 MuseScore 創作美妙樂譜!

MuseScore 支援超過 40 種不同語言,並可以運作於 Windows, Mac OS, 與 Linux。不論你是曾經使用過 Finale 或 Sibelius 樂譜編輯器,或是新進到編曲世界的使用者, MuseScore 是一套可以讓你的音樂看起來跟它一樣好聽的工具。經由下面的連結來繼續導覽,並且看看 MuseScore 可以為你做什麼!

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快速地來預覽一下 MuseScore 的特色:
Sample score

  • Unlimited score length
  • Unlimited number of staves per system
  • Up to four independent voices per staff
  • Score creation wizard and templates
  • Automatic part extraction and transposition
  • Repeats, including segnos, codas, and measure repeats
  • Dynamics, articulations, and other expression markings, with playback support for most
  • Custom text markings
  • Lyrics
  • Chord symbols
  • Jazz notation, including lead sheets, slash notation and a “handwritten” font for text
  • Swing and shuffle playback
  • Mixer for instrument levels and effects
  • Percussion notation
  • Early music notation
  • Cross-staff beaming
  • Import of graphics
  • Custom key signatures
  • Additive time signatures
  • User-defined score styles

Most elements in MuseScore are laid out automatically but can also be positioned manually. The capabilities of MuseScore can be extended via plugins, and the growing repository on contains many plugins submitted by users.

MuseScore includes a set of sounds that reproduce common instruments (as defined by General MIDI) without taking up a lot of disk space or memory, but you can also substitute any SoundFont you prefer for a wider variety of sounds or for more realism.

MuseScore can import and export MIDI and MusicXML files, and it can also import from Capella and several other programs. MuseScore can export to PDF, PNG, and other graphic formats, to WAV and other audio formats, or to LilyPond for an alternative layout and print option.

MuseScore can upload scores directly to the score sharing site Program support is provided on

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