Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Change note entry to interpret white space clicks as scroll requests, not ledger note entry active 2.1 15 4年
Right Click context menu for ScoreTab to add & delete parts active 3.0 15 4年
Downloaded PDF Handbook – formatting issues active 15 1年
Staff previews too small active P1 - High 3.0 15 2年
Objects shouldn't leave the page active 15 1年
Provide "bookmark" facility for ease of navigation through long scores. active 15 7年
Nonstandard (possibly insufficient number or incorrect placement of) augmentation dots for certain chords active 16 9個月
Lip Slur Symbols (includes drawings and details) active 16 8年
Automatically-generated melisma lines active 16 6個月
Volta attached to non-top staff deleted when correspond staff is removed active 16 6年
No sound output active 16 5年
Key signature in "master" track of MIDI file is ignored active P1 - High 3.5 16 8個月
Export to musicxml cut short needs info 3.5 16 5個月
Certain chord symbols don't export to MusicXML correctly active 3.6 16 3天
Finer control of repeats with play panel loop active 2.1 16 4年
Image Capture to SVG don't work in Japanese language active 2.3 16 2年
More bend notations active 16 7年
Figured bass should support placement property active 3.1 16 2個月
Add support for Jianpu numbered musical notation PR created 3.0 16 1年
Cursor visible in PDF output needs info 16 2年
Add score-properties to create-new-score wizard active 2.1 16 4年
Allow right-click in score tabs area to bring up toolbars context menu active 2.1 16 4年
[MusicXML export] Loss of color in Musescore .mxl file active 3.3 16 4個月
Problem using CTRL-DwnArrow and Ctrl-UpArrow to move selected notes down strings sets on the Tablature Staff active 3.6 16 2個月
Some improvements to the mixer active 3.1 16 1年