Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Cannot change application's font size active 2.1 18 4年
Style of dash doesn't follow lyrics style active 18 7個月
Request a way to have concert key chord symbols on top of score in presence of Hide Empty Staves active 18 1年
Request option to shorten stems for downstem notes with flags (using alternate flag) active 18 5年
Image capture selection moves out of sight active 3.0 18 4個月
Import Midi files active 3.5 18 8個月
Images from templates should propagate to scores created from those templates active 3.0 18 2個月
Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphaned needs info 18 5年
Request alternate position key signature when using begin repeat sign active P1 - High 3.0 18 1天
Provide a way to attach a slur to a specific note within a chord active P2 - Medium 3.0 18 7個月
Changes to staff transposition (and other properties) not reflected in linked parts active P1 - High 3.3 18 1年
Unnecessary extra horizontal space added when adding accidentals or dots active P2 - Medium 3.0 18 7個月
Open Temp File (file location) failed: Bad File Descriptor needs info 3.0 18 1年
Can't save a score online, brings up empty dialog needs info 3.5 18 3個月
Use CommonMark parser for Markdown active 18 2年
No way of controlling gateTime at present in nightlies active 18 5年
[EPIC] Fretboard diagram issues active 3.0 18 1年
Add simultaneous hit to Marching Bassdrum instrument active 3.0 18 4年
Invalid duration of notes after a plugin use causes crash active P3 - Low 3.0 18 1年
Enharmonic spelling to include courtsey accidentals active 2.1 18 4年
Can't move elements of palette around, despite editing being enabled needs info P1 - High 3.0 19 2年
Capo Settings: add a "Detune" setting to emulate instruments below written pitch active 3.0 19 4個月
Text of cresc. and dim. lines does not reflect type changes active 2.1 19 3年
Glissando collides with elements before note active 19 7年
[Feedback form] Replace (c) with copyright symbol active P2 - Medium 3.0 19 1年