Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Remove treble clef from Custom Key Signatures Creator active 3.6 4 不久
placement and concertPitch cannot deviate from style needs info 3.0 5 2年
stem length under bars groups of more than two notes active 1 5年
Add kerning/legature for “ffz” to Leland font. active 3.6 0 不久
[MusicXML export] invalid XML export: direction-type is missing child element needs info 3.2 3 1 個月
Musescore crasht many times a day needs info 3.0 1 2年
Wrong instrument name (part name) on active 2.1 2 5年
MusicXML: credit-words text can overlay staves active 3.6 9 不久
(Lack of) Hairpin/Dynamic Independence active 3.2 2 2年
Ottava 8va on a piano, if prolonged stutters in default soundfont (General) of MuseScore 3. I have had to use another soundfont. active 3.0 1 1年
Reduce ambiguity in marching cymbal notation needs info 2.2 2 4年
Loading an MSS file that changes the default style version doens't apply new defaults until reload, potentially changing some settings active 3.6 8 不久
Include some batch operations with spacers active 3.2 1 2年
Include both correlative and user-defined measure number in status bar PR created 3.0 4 1年
Musescore 3.6.2 won't stop crashing. needs info 3.6 2 不久
bug of display needs info 3.2 1 1年
Cannot see some buttons for "new score wizard" when using widescreen active 3.0 2 2年
disable mouse input active 16 2個禮拜
Dal Signo + to Coda needs info 3.6 1 不久
Hairpin text active 3.2 1 1年
Synthesizer is slow to respond and sometimes crashes. active 3.1 1 2年
Change default style to have page numbers in header instead of footer active 3.0 16 4年
Staves in 'Create time signature' dialogue are badly laid out PR created 3.3 4 1年 Synthesiser Loads SoundFonts in Reversed Order? needs info 3.1 2 2年
Ottavas should not have above/below staff placement property active 3.0 4 3年