Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority 升序 Version Replies Last updated
Offset Tremolo is not saved correctly. active 2.1 9 3年
Crash upon reaching 50% export when saving online active 3.4 1 1年
Better color for pressed buttons active 3.0 1 2年
Load sfz in background active 3.0 11 4年
Installing an extension causes program to bomb active 3.5 4 1年
Always allow "Upload custom audio" active 3.0 6 2年
Tuplet brackts max. slope ignored when bracket is below staff active 3.0 2 3年
"H" chord symbol unrecognized if entered in standard spelling then style is changed to German active 3.5 10 1年
Timpani needs info 3.0 1 2年
Add glyphs for Neutral-Sharp and Neutral-Flat to Gonville active 3.0 2 5年
MuseScore will not upgrade to 3.5 needs info 3.5 8 1年
Ctrl+R does not reset leading space active 3.1 2 2年
shortcut for adding voice on mac sierra does not work on Mac, with active 2.1 12 4年
When pausing and resuming in the second round of a repeat, MuseScore goes back to the first round. active 3.4 2 1年
print won't work on Mountain Lion (# needs info 2.1 9 5年
Articulations misplace in cross-staff notation active 3.5 3 7個月
Figured bass should support placement property active 3.1 16 10個月
Make it easier to set default text font active 2.1 4 4年
Page Size set to inch --- Inspector Element Offset is mm active 3.5 2 1年
"Recently used" palette? active 3.2 3 2年
[MusicXML] add i/o support for fermatas on barlines active 8 1年
A tied pair of non-adjacent notes does not sustain correctly active 7 1年
Have shortcut for Real-time (manual) advance also be used to initial Real-time (manual) entry mode too active 2.2 30 4年
Can not play music (play and pause area is gray) and notes play no sound. needs info 3.5 6 1年
Volta Bracket number needs info 2 2年