Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority 升序 Version Replies Last updated
Barline Changes Not Working at Start of Pages needs info 2.2 1 3年
Widen Edit Drumset window and box active 0 9年
Program closes without anything needs info 3.6 9 8個月
[EPIC] Requires MAJOR version bump active 2 2年
Request Controlling Trill Speed active 3.0 2 3年
Handbook revision pages: solitary entry on new page cannot be compared to previous revisions active 3.6 1 8個月
Pressing Escape with Special Characters window open closes the window and exits text edit/entry mode. active 2.3 2 3年
Allow multiple menu items from plugin. active 1 8年
Musescore does not save Stacking order for glissandos active 3.6 3 8個月
Playback won't work on Ubuntu needs info 3.3 2 2年
Barline is moved away while input long lyric active 3.0 0 3年
Dark mode invisible x needs info 3.6 1 7個月
L.V. and slur ambiguity needs info 3.3 6 2年
Add Shakuhachi (flute) and Taiko drums PR created 3.0 7 3個月
Changes to Repeats On/Off aren't reflected in scroll bar of Play Panel active 0 8年
chord formation, and double click to listen to the whole chord. active 3.6 3 6個月
Augmentation dots not following note while decreasing chord-offset active 3.3 0 2年
Playback error needs info 3.3 1 2年
Find: make it a toggle command? PR created 3.0 6 3年
[Mac] Cannot minimise or close Pianoroll Editor or Edit Drumset via shortcut active 2 8年
[MusicXML import] strong-accent type down imported as type up active 3.6 1 6個月
Playback of parts messed up in closed SATB scores active 3.3 7 2年
Oblique stroke in acciaccatura chord collides with notehead until re-opening active 0 8年
Incorrect key signature after toggling concert pitch on staff with instrument and transposition change at start active 3.6 3 5個月
[MusicXML export] vertical offset of rest not exported correctly needs info 3.3 3 1年