Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority 升序 Version Replies Last updated
Text editor for chord symbols, song text active 4 10年
Problems with Measure lines, keys, clefs, and time signatures needs info 3.0 4 3年
Stuck in note placement after CMD-3 to place triplet needs info 3.0 1 3年
Change name of executable from mscore to MuseScore active 0 9年
Everything is super zoomed-in in MuseScore 2.3 AND the latest MuseScore 3. not an issue in any other application. needs info 3.0 2 3年
MIDI input only working if PortAudio is selected as output active 3 9年
Mixer needs info 3.0 2 3年
D1, D#1 and Db1 needs info 3.0 5 3年
Toolbar buttons usable with nothing selected active 0 8年
Editing brackets crashes Musescore needs info 3.0 1 3年
Musicxml Export - Trill-type Drum rolls not exported active 3.0 1 3年
Regression? Note grouping interface absent active 0 8年
Crash when pasting to part needs info 3.0 1 3年
deleting bars at the beginning of the chart causes bass clef to treble clef and shift all the notes very low active 3.0 4 3年
change ghost image immediately when pressing a shortcut key to change the value of a note active 1 8年
Page size should always be written to the .mscx file needs info 3.x-dev 10 3年
Request for up/down to change string rather than pitch on tab staff in normal mode active 3.4 5 2年
Typist field active 3 8年
Playback Bug needs info 3.0 4 3年
Change of time signature deletes existing start repeat, or End-start repeat, barline active 3.4 1 2年
Community Guidelines do not reference or include active 0 1個月
Issues with cross staff notation in 1.3 scores with flipped beams/stems active 7 7年
Changing rythme triggers a B in that rythm needs info 3.1 3 3年
Inserting vertical frames at another frame in score don't add to parts active 3.4 12 1年
"Staff text" color active 3.0 0 3年