Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority 升序 Version Replies Last updated
Adding sharps flats etc to score active 3.3 2 3年
MuseScore crashes when used with QjackCtl needs info 2 7年
Can not input underscore for lyrics melisma needs info 4.0 4 1個月
Banjo, Marimba, Piano, Harp and Percussion sounds are audible, but other sounds are not. needs info 3.6 3 1年
Musescore 3 not opening needs info 3.0 7 2年
No midi out needs info 3.4 1 3年
Album segfault {2parts-excerpted}.append( {1part-notexcerpted} ); active 19 2年
Instrument Change also changes instruments on other staves active 3.6 7 1年
Audio playback won't work properly needs info 3.0 2 4年
Overwriting a text with a letter that needs multiple keys using IME (input method editor) on MacOS doesn't work active 3.4 2 3年
Score Properties not exported to MIDI active 3.6 1 1年
Midi keyboard not connecting in MuseScore. needs info 3.0 1 4年
MDL not playing back in this score. active 3.4 10 2年
Bowings should always appear above other 'articulations' active 0 7年
More than 256 channels in the mixer causes it to play the sounds from the wrong staves. active 3.6 2 1年
[EPIC] Bends issues active 3.0 1 4年
Crashing issue needs info 3.4 1 3年
Negative-width frames active 9 7年
MuseScore 3.6.2 on macOS 12 Monterey startup hang on 'Initializing sequencer and audio driver...' needs info 3.6 6 11個月
Weird Piano Vibrato: check comments for answer needs info 3.4 13 5個月
Icon broken on GNOME Shell; better GNOME integration; active 0 7年
newScore does not generate a bass clef when called with "piano" or "grand-piano" active 3.6 2 5個月
Download Issues active 3.0 2 3年
Multi-line fingerings are lower than single-line fingerings active 3.4 0 2年
incorrectly "remember" prior length of segment when toggling mm-rests and changing barline type active 0 7年