Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Mac: Cannot close »Search for updates« dialog active 3.0 8 1年
Artifacts after leaving edit mode at zoom <100% since DPI/FreeType changes active 1 5年
Tempo beating at the whole does not export in .musicxml format active 3.6 1 2個禮拜
Piano Roll Editor with Guitar TAB Overlay active 3.3 1 1年
Crash if user drops symbol from Master palette onto a lyric syllable active 3.0 13 2年
Implement temperament playback in MuseScore active 21 2年
Hidden rests in V2 etc. are drawn over the top of notes in V1 active 3.6 49 6小時
template names in new score wizard (step 2) are not translatable active 3.0 7 2年
Missing items Orca screenreader doesn't read in the inspector active 3.3 2 1年
Pb avec le glissando active 0 5年
"Hide empty staves" doesn't take effect after horizontal frame active 3.4 1 不久
Loop Playback in Parts active 3.x-dev 0 2年
Edit mode on notehead should be indicated more clearly active 3.0 3 4年
Add "Spanned staves" property setting to the Bracket Inspector active 3.4 0 1年
[EPIC] Arpeggio issues active 3.0 1 1年
Add instrument groupings and auto-sorting to the add instruments dialogue active 2.1 10 4年
Provide option to control Marcato playback active 3.4 6 1年
MIDI import gets time sig and tempo wrong active 3.0 1 2年
Remove "Pause" property from Inspector for breath mark or make it 'stealing' time from preceeding duration active 9 2年
Pedal Markings Should Go at Bottom of Grand Staff active 2.1 5 2年
[Accessibility] - Music not read and played when making keyboard selection active 3.4 1 1年
Command line MIDI convert creates a corrupt file, but GUI works active 2.1 2 4年
Changing notes illogically changes / resets string in tab active 3.4 3 1年
Search-and-replace tool for text matter in scores active 3.0 20 3個禮拜
Metronome ticks do not always match reference beat value active 3.4 31 不久