Issues for MuseScore

Title Status 降序 Priority Version Replies Last updated
Crash when applying shortcut key ‘apply move chord/rest to staff above' to linked staff active 3.x-dev 2 1年
MuseScore AppImage crash when change settings to JACK or from JACK active 3.3 7 1年
Finer control of repeats with play panel loop active 2.1 16 5年
Creating Volta on single note selected, produces one staff only volta (as if Ctrl had been pressed) active 3.0 7 1年
Doubly added score elements do not avoid each other. active 3.5 1 1年
Inspector: make section headers explicitly full width to prevent accidental closure/opening active 3.2 9 1年
Incomplete RPN MIDI event active 1 11個月
Individual part transposition active 3.6 3 1年
Repeat selection fails in rest final measure when final rest must be changed if previous note tied active 2.1 2 5年
MuseJazz.mss from 2.x is incompatible with 2.x active 2.1 8 5年
Make Page up/down active in playback mode active 1 2年
Documents side-by-side: highlight the active side, for file-saving operation active 3.6 1 1年
Drum Input Palette and text toolbar disappear when overlayed/underlayed by virtual Piano active 3.0 6 2年
Bar lines on pitched staves do not span the entire staff when bars are spanned down to a percussion staff and hide empty staves is used. active 2.1 0 4年
Automatic bar creating at the end of piece during note entry active 4 1年
Realtime and re-pitch input mode not working with MIDI keyboard active 3.6 2 1年
With the Special Characters (F2) window open in lyrics entry, "-", "_", and space do not work active 3.2 5 1年
Backward compatibility for scores to fix previous bar count bug involving anacrusis active 2 10年
Selecting a fretboard diagram doesn't highlight its accompanying chord symbol active 3.6 3 1年
Transposed piccolo/clarinet/trumpet has "<key> <instrument>", not "<instrument> in <key>" active 3.2 28 2年
[Trunk] Saw Wave isn't selected in Mixer active 0 11年
Ability to select multiple measures and then change the bar measure (within bar properties) across the multiple measures. active 3.6 8 1年
Entering Special Characters active 3.2 1 2年
Incorrect font property of one text block active 3.0 0 4年
[Trunk] Undo doesn't restore previous tie direction active 5 2年